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Homeschool Learning Pods

Kindergarten Heroes

Featuring pre-printed curriculum and weekly hero-themed weeks, this program amply prepares students for first grade and ignites students' passions to discover their unique gifts, interests and talents.

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First Grade Creators

First Grade Creators includes a complete digital no-prep curriculum paired with weekly creative projects.  Students hone their pure creativity and imaginative abilities in this fun and engaging learning pod.

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Second Grade Solvers

Featuring a digital core curriculum and weekly hands-on STEM projects,  Second Grade Solvers learn how real-life people are creating, engineering and innovating to solve real-world problems. Students devise "ideal" solutions to problems.

Third Grade Thinkers

Students refine their analytical and critical thinking skills while learning how to logically construct and communicate their thinking. Students practice accountable talk and presentation skills.  They engage in projects and research to refine the initial ideas they set forth as Second Grade Solvers.

Fourth Grade Fact-Finders

Featuring a digital core curriculum and weekly research assignments, students begin exploring individual interests in more depth.  A focus of the year is  stepping through the research process.  This year, they also begin to teach their knowledge to others.

Fifth Grade Founders

Featuring a digital core curriculum and individualized "genius projects", students put previous years' experiences to use by initiating their own service projects or even starting their own organizations.  Projects are showcased and promising ones are provided grant support.