Kids Who Can, Kids Who Care and Kids Who Contribute.

  An Interactive Community-Based Approach to Homeschool.

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Homeschooling in Community and for the Community.

Homeschooling is increasingly seen as a viable alternative to traditional public and private schools.  Homeschooling offers unique opportunities for differentiation of learning and purpose-development because of its flexibility and customization to student interests.   To provide community and collaboration, homeschoolers often join homeschool groups, co-ops or learning pods to study together. 

Adsila Kids supports the goal of fostering community among homeschooling families.  In partnership with Home CEO Academy, Adsila Kids is building a complete online, interactive K-5 curriculum that fosters connection through live teacher-led online classes and a focus on personal growth and good citizenship.

Kids Who Can

All subjects and Common Core language and math standards covered.  Content and SEL assessments included throughout the program.

Kids Who Care

Social and emotional learning and character education incorporated each week.  Relationship skills fostered through live teacher-led online homeshchool-co-ops, meeting three times a week.

Kids Who Contribute

Students start as Kindergarten Heroes and graduate as Fifth Grade Founders, serving meaningfully in their community or even starting their own service organizations.

Adsila Kids are creators, not just consumers.  They are doers, not just dreamers.

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