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Virtual Learning Pod

Journey through our complete kindergarten homeschool curriculum with weekly live online teacher-led classes!   

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Virtual Kindergarten  Homeschool Program

Journey through our complete year kindergarten homeschool curriculum with weekly live online teacher-led classes!  Spaces are extremely limited. 


Everything you need to homeschool kindergarten.

Adsila Kids is the 501(c)(3) nonprofit sister organization of Home CEO Academy, a homeschool curriculum company whose resources have been used by over 200,000 families in 106 countries worldwide.   Our Virtual Kindergarten Homeschool Pods have everything you need to homeschool kindergarten!

Virtual kindergarten classes cover...

Language and Math Skills

Daily warmups cover the weekly language and math focus.  Tuesday's class covers read-aloud, comprehension and literacy skills.

Social and Emotional Skills

Weekly character trait and simple SEL lessons to support self-awareness, decision-making, relationship, social awareness and self-management skills.

Fun & Games

In addition to the three weekly classes, students may optionally attend Kinder Connections, a weekly 30-minute play-based class to foster connections and relationships.

...and Social Studies and Science which are covered through the at-home portion of the curriculum!

What Homeschool Parents Are Saying...

Nikki D.

"This fun and highly engaging virtual kindergarten program has helped my two girls grow leaps and bounds this year. My kids have really enjoyed interacting and learning from their classmates from around the continent, as well as from their phenomenal teachers."

Chelsea T.

"This is a wonderful program filled with tons of resources, including fun and engaging lessons designed to challenge your learner. My daughter has enjoyed becoming a hero. Particularly learning the different character traits and intentionally applying all that she’s learning to her day to day life."

Jasmeet S.

"My daughter has had the pleasure of being a kindergarten hero under Mrs. Maraya and Mrs. Kelly’s guidance and has flourished so much in the process. She grew in her confidence and made such wonderful connections with children from near and far. Our family members and friends are constantly in awe of how knowledgeable she is and that is all thanks to her amazing experience with Adsila Kids. "

Sheila E.

"As a teacher myself I wanted a program that didn’t just focus on academics but social emotional growth as well. Both of my girls love learning and discovering new things each week. This has been beyond what I could have asked for.”

Kindergarten Homeschool Pod Features


Our Online Kindergarten Learning Pods are great for...

Busy Homeschools

If you're managing multiples, having a complete ready-to-go option for your kindergartener can simplify things all-around.

Working Parents

If you're juggling a dual role of career and homeschool educator, our support and supplemental teaching extends your coverage.

Medical-Needs Homeschooling

If your student must stay home due to medical conditions, our program provides consistent peer connections and academic growth during this time. 

Our Virtual Classroom!

Take a peek inside our fun virtual learning studio!

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Home CEO Academy's Kindergarten Heroes TM Curriculum is a 36-week homeschool kindergarten curriculum covering language, math, science, social studies and social emotional learning. Expand to learn more about the program.


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Meet the Team!

Maraya Pearson


Maraya is the Founder of Home CEO Academy and Adsila Kids.  Maraya has experience as an online teacher, substitute teacher and homeschool teacher.  She has also written over 130 curricular units, including the Kindergarten Heroes curriculum, with the team at Home CEO Academy. Maraya earned a Bachelor's in political science from the University of Florida and an MBA from the University of South Florida.

Rachelle Taylor

Curriculum Consultant

Rachelle is an experienced educator with four years experience teaching elementary grades in public schools and currently homeschools her four children.   She has a Bachelor's degree in elementary education with a concentration in language and math from Utah State University.  Rachelle contributed to the Kindergarten Heroes curriculum and lesson plans for our other learning pods as well.

Keri Bernier


Keri is an experienced homeschool educator who supports Home CEO Academy and Adsila Kids in keeping the curriculum libraries up to date as well as many behind-the-scenes support activities.  Prior to becoming a Chief Education Officer at home, Keri graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor's degree in forensic osteology. 

We are on sabbatical and are not accepting students at this time.  To express interest in a future pod, join our email list for updates.

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